About CTF@KnF

What is it?

This is a CTF (Capture the Flag) type educational hacking game targeted at begginers who are interested in programming and hacking.

Game is created by Erikas Eigelis, a graduate of Information Systems and Cyber Security (or Informacijos sistemos ir kibernetinÄ— sauga in Lithuanian) at Vilnius University.

How to play?

You can get points by solving challenges and finding a flag which can be submitted in flag field in challenge page. You can only solve and receive points once for every single challenge. after completing challenge, the field to submit flag is removed and you are notified that the challenge is completed. You can solve challenges in any order you like.

Who can play?

That's simple - anyone!

What is the difference between account types?

Enthusiast - this is a basic account type which can be chosen by anyone. It gives you access to all of the challenges and a chance to compete in the leaderboard but currently are not eligible to win prizes.

Student - this account type is meant for high school students. It gives you all the benefits of the Enthusiast account and gives you opportunity to win awesome prizes. In order to register for this account you need to provide additional details.

What is the difference between Challenge Seasons?

Active season contains latest challenges created by CTF@KnF team. If you have Student account, this is the season which is important for you because only those with highest scores in this season can be eligible for prizes.

You can play challenges in all seasons and receive points for them which will be added to your All time score.